Happy Wheels - Choose Your Mobility Solution!! Motorized Wheelchair - Mobility Scooter Cart - Mountain Bike - Segway


Join us in the carnage!! This is a crazy game where you can choose your vehicle from a jet powered electric wheelchair, a Mountain Bike with little Timmy on the back, electric motorized power hovaround scooter, or a Segway!! This is a cool game where you can catch a lot of air while trying to hold yourself together. This game isn’t for the squeamish so if you don’t care for blood and guts, you better leave now!! If you are staying, Have Fun!!


Enter To Win A HAPPY WHEELS T-Shirt !

Dont Worry Be Happy!! Be Very, Very Happy......HAPPY WHEELS....... Muhwaaaaaa!!

Segway, Bicycle, Wheelchair, And Mobility Scooter Instructions.

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